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Cornered     September 12, 1997     ID: 25468


Tags: old, old man, car, honking, mechanic, repair, garage, tools, driving, old people, highway

Cornered     September 13, 1997     ID: 25469


Tags: Family, bushes, tv, big screen, outside, spying, jealousy, window, couple, television

Cornered     September 15, 1997     ID: 25470


Tags: homeless persons, Men, free food, work, begging, hungry, diet, street, willpower, beggar, Food, poor

Cornered     September 16, 1997     ID: 25471


Tags: driving, heaven & hell, church, Religion, old lady, angels, heaven, car

Cornered     September 17, 1997     ID: 25472


Tags: sofa, sale, butt, ass, couch, furniture, salesman, convince, sell

Cornered     September 18, 1997     ID: 25473


Tags: concern, cremation, death, elderly, groceries, groceries & grocery stores, old, old lady, shopping, urn

Cornered     September 19, 1997     ID: 25474


Tags: rejection, marriage, proposal, couple, receipt, ring, wedding ring, mediocrity, love, divorce

Cornered     September 20, 1997     ID: 25475


Tags: television, dog, tv, teaching, remote control, trick, couch, channel, learning

Cornered     September 22, 1997     ID: 25476


Tags: disappointment, disbelief, hospital, pregnancy & child birth, baby, birth, child, mortgage, house, nursery

Cornered     September 23, 1997     ID: 25477


Tags: dumb, stupid, man, alien, aliens, experiment, science, abduction, intelligence