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Cornered     October 07, 1997     ID: 25488


Tags: car, mechanic, garage, engine, surgery, jumper cables, vehicle, fix

Cornered     October 08, 1997     ID: 25489


Tags: cards, dog, game, animal, pet, trick, magic trick, reward

Cornered     October 09, 1997     ID: 25490


Tags: sick, dinner, fish, resturant, menu, Food, dining, order, server, customer

Cornered     October 10, 1997     ID: 25491


Tags: bride, divorce, father, father of the bride, groom, husband, love, marriage, vows, wedding, wedding dress, wife

Cornered     October 11, 1997     ID: 25492


Tags: animal, breakfast, Food, fridge, eating, hungry, birds, cooking, resturant, lazy

Cornered     October 13, 1997     ID: 25493


Tags: gumby, creepy, punk, graffiti, tattoo, dudes, rock, cool

Cornered     October 14, 1997     ID: 25494


Tags: cake, dessert, shop, bakery, sale, baker

Cornered     October 15, 1997     ID: 25495


Tags: poop, baby, dad, mom, crib, child, diaper, smell, responsibility

Cornered     October 16, 1997     ID: 25496


Tags: car, trunk, vehicle, salesman, murder, suspicious, suspicion, dealership

Cornered     October 17, 1997     ID: 25497


Tags: date, love, tv, television, dinner, romantic, couple, lazy, husband, remote control, mediocre