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Cornered     October 18, 1997     ID: 25498


Tags: treasure, money, mining, cave, jewels, gems, gold, curse, searching, search

Cornered     October 20, 1997     ID: 25499


Tags: clients, businessmen, worship, employee, Men, business, office

Cornered     October 21, 1997     ID: 25500


Tags: car, Dogs, animal, pet, vehicle, driving, abandonment, longing

Cornered     October 22, 1997     ID: 25501


Tags: car, couple, danger, dealership, money, purchase, sale, salesmen, scam, scheme, shopping, trap, vehicle

Cornered     October 23, 1997     ID: 25502


Tags: potatoes, style, fashion, 90s, pants, tattoos, comparison, competition, jealousy, jealous, envy

Cornered     October 24, 1997     ID: 25503


Tags: drink, drinking, alcohol, bar, glass, glasses, flirting, beer, manly, smart, intelligence

Cornered     October 25, 1997     ID: 25504


Tags: death, suicide, Food, junk food, business man, office, work, struggle, sad

Cornered     October 27, 1997     ID: 25505


Tags: cat, Pets, animal, tv, television, tv show, cute

Cornered     October 28, 1997     ID: 25506


Tags: car, vehicle, couple, marriage, manual, tire, husband, wife

Cornered     October 29, 1997     ID: 25507


Tags: outlet, neighbor, house, plug, electronics, machine, favor