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Cornered     October 30, 1997     ID: 25508


Tags: husband, lazy, vacuum, chores, domestic, house, home, living room, song, instrument

Cornered     October 31, 1997     ID: 25509


Tags: punk, rock, tattoo, piercings, goth, emo, marriage, love, couple, doubt, proposal, husband, wife

Cornered     November 01, 1997     ID: 25510


Tags: steal, robber, crime, criminal, police, perpetrator, cop, arrest, hairspray, thief, jail, prison

Cornered     November 03, 1997     ID: 25511


Tags: tomatoes, crop, plant, grow, grow light, drugs, reference, vegetable, Food

Cornered     November 04, 1997     ID: 25512


Tags: hair, bald, old, man, prosthetic, business men, office, elevator, fake

Cornered     November 05, 1997     ID: 25513


Tags: tire, plane, transportation, vehicle, car, truck, guess, driver, falling, wheel

Cornered     November 06, 1997     ID: 25514


Tags: Food, cracker, animal, tea, coffee, grandma, snack, offer, endangered species

Cornered     November 07, 1997     ID: 25515


Tags: paint, beauty, gift, friend, offer, nail polish, wrong, mistake, couple, love, red

Cornered     November 08, 1997     ID: 25516


Tags: home, rug, carpet, decoration, couple, marriage, sample, unique, suggestion, decor, living room

Cornered     November 10, 1997     ID: 25517


Tags: gifted, levitation, floating, business men, business, magic, job, employee, interview, office